This present agreement involves Mr. Takashi Kotegawa hereinafter referred to as "Trader" and Client hereinafter referred to as "investor�. The final aim is the generation of a minimum 30% profit during a period of One Month.

Both participant come to an agreement to invest a certain amount into an account for the sole purpose of trading Forex.

The monthly profits from this trading agreement will be solely to the "investor" whereas the "Trader" receives a 10% commission for acting as the sole trader for the account.

Trader holds no responsibility for any exchange rates applied by any intermediaries i.e banks, trading platforms. The amounts received by the trader and the profit shared with the investor may differ slightly due to bank fees, forex exchange rates and other fees that may be applied to transactions related funds transfer.

Should one or the other party decide to terminate the agreement, originating funds and profit funds will be sent to the investor with 7 business days of written notice via email.

Money back guarantee: Incase if there was a net profit loss under the invested amount, The entire balance shall be returned.